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We hadnít been back long when we discovered that we were going to be parents!† In November of Ď95 our first son, Caleb was born.† Our plan was to rejoin the staff of our former DTS at another YWAM base in Texas.† Well, just as we were making our plans, we found out that our second child was on the way!† So instead of joining our friends in Texas long-term, we went for a three month stint from September to December.† We came back for Christmas and to take advantage of our Canadian medical system.† Nathanael arrived in the middle of a stormy night, early morning January 22.† He was almost six weeks early, so he had to be rushed by ambulance from Arborg to Winnipeg where he could get the medical attention he needed.† He was in intermediate care for thirteen days before we could finally take him home with us.† We are delighted with our two boys, and they bring a lot of joy into our lives.


On April 22, when Nat was three months old, the doctor told us that Lorna probably had uterine cancer.† What a blow that was!† On May 1 the diagnosis was confirmed, and on May 2 she had surgery, and for the next eight months she endured chemotherapy and radiation.† She came through it all well and six and a half years later she is as radiant as ever!† Praise God!† Since Nathanael was born weíve lived on the farm at Riverton, and Iíve been back at NRW manufacturing.† I write a lot of my songs while Iím welding.† Lornaís teaching kindergarten half-time and our boys are both in school - Calebís in grade 2 and Natís in grade 1.† We have a few cows, a few chickens, and recently we added a cat to our little menagerie.


This summer our family was hit by tragedy.† My dad died in a farming accident on August 8th.† He was only 69.† He died doing what he loved doing, but we miss him terribly.† We know heís in heaven and weíre waiting to see him again when we get there.† We were expecting the completed CDís to arrive any day when we heard the tragic news.† Itís been with very mixed feelings that weíve celebrated the completion of this project.



Iíve been writing music for over twenty years, and finally I've done some recording and now I have a CD available.† I have quite a few songs ready to record, so hopefully I'll soon have more than just one.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my website.† I'm honored.

Dwight Plett