Dwight Plett


Evening Star††

I wrote this song when we were expecting our first child.† I was trying to prepare myself for fatherhood, when it occurred to me that my child would have questions that I wouldnít be able to answer.† I hate that.† But thatís grim reality.† When we donít know all the complicated answers, we have to skip down to the bottom line - that Jesus loves us and that God is good.††††


If I were an evening star, and I could make your wish come true

Iíd be right here where you are, and Iíd do anything for you

If I had a magic carpet, I would fly you to the moon

Weíd make every day be Saturday and every month be June


But we canít have only sunshine, and big boys sometimes cry

And lifeís not always fair my child, and Iím not quite sure why

I canít answer all your questions, though I sure do wish I could

But I know that Jesus loves you, and I know that God is good


If I could be with you all day, and protect you from all pain

I would kiss your tears away, youíd never have to cry again

If I could take all your bad dreams, and all your anxious thoughts could be mine

I would chase them all away and youíd be happy all the time


If the sun just kept on shining, in this magic world of ours

You could never taste a snowflake, or wonder at the stars

If I took away your teardrops, you could never cry for joy,

And if Jesus hadnít died, you couldnít be His little boy


So we learn to live with storm clouds and even grown-ups cry

And even though life seems unfair, we donít always have to know why

Iíll keep trying to answer your questions, the way a daddy should

And reminding you that Jesus loves you and God is always good


Just remember Jesus loves you and forever God is good.