Dwight Plett


He is My Shepherd††

He is my shepherd, my precious Saviour

His timid, faithless sheep am I

I donít deserve His gracious favour

Or pleasant pastures where I lie


He is my shepherd, He walks beside me

He sees each foolish choice I make

He knows the way, He wants to guide me

Down every winding path I take


My stubborn heart still wants its own way

I choose my own path now and then

But when I cry in desperation

He kindly leads me back again


He is my shepherd, and though He takes me

Through valleys cold and dark and deep

When Iím afraid, He wonít forsake me

My faithful shepherd guards His sheep


And when itís time to cross that river

Heíll part the waves and let me pass

And then Iíll know Iím Home forever

Iíll see my shepherdís face at last


And then Iíll know how much He loves me

No lingering doubts to cloud my view

Iíll understand the way He led me

And every trouble Iíve been through.