Dwight Plett



Cold night, restless sheep

My turn to watch, so I didnít dare sleep

Just my brother and me and some fat old ewes

I was bored to tears and I was singing the blues

Just about to give my brother a shake

But to my surprise he was already awake

His mouth was open and his eyes were wide

Just for a second I thought heíd died

So I turned around to look at what he saw

My eyes almost popped and I dropped my jaw

Iím sure you must be inclined to think

We probably both had too much to drink

But my mind was sharp and my eyes were clear

And I hadnít touched a bottle in almost a year

Now I donít suppose that qualifies me

To be hanging around in the company of angels, and baby kings

But I know what I saw and it doesnít make sense

If my brother were here heíd come to my defence

ĎCause Iím not a drunk and Iím not insane

Thereís just too many things I canít explain

Like the dirty shepherds and the filthy place

Or the tears of pain on Maryís face

And why outside in the dead of night

But I saw the angels, so I think Iím right

That if God came down to be one of us

Then maybe thatís who the baby was


He left town and I lost track

Far as I know, He never came back

But I think I might have seen Him since

Until last night I was quite convinced

His gentle voice and eyes on fire

I believed it when they said Heís our Messiah

ĎCause He healed the sick and He fed the rest

He said first is worst and last is best

But Yesterday, and I donít know why

They hung Him up on a hill to die

And I was just about to give my life to His cause

But I canít make sense of a king on a cross

If the Son of God can be born outside

Then maybe a Messiah can be crucified

Maybe He knew what He was talking about

And maybe Godís way past figuring out

And maybe he doesnít need me to explain away

All the blood and the dirt and the pain

And maybe itís not up to me to defend His ways

And maybe this isnít the end...