Dwight Plett


The Prince and His Bride  

They’d been sweethearts for awhile, and nothing should have changed

She could hardly help but smile, at the mention of His name

For He was such a handsome prince, and she would be His bride

He had promised she would reign with Him, forever at His side


Oh her joy was so contagious, and her love, grew oh so strong

He was gentle and  courageous, she thought nothing could go wrong

But her gaze would sometimes wander, and the dragon saw his chance

He caught her eye, and by and by, he lured her with romance


Oh the dragon, he was charming, and the girl enjoyed the chase

He was clever and disarming,  he disguised his wicked face

Then he took her to his castle, where the sun refused to shine

There he locked her in a dungeon, “Now at last the girl is mine!”


But the prince was still in love, and he said “Dragon, name your price”

The dragon laughed, “the girl’s a tramp, she isn’t worth the sacrifice!”

But the Prince said, “She’s my Bride, and there’s no price I wouldn’t pay”

So He stretched His arms out on a cross and gave His life away


Now He dreams about His bride, the girl He died to make His own

And He often dreams about the day, He’ll come to take her home

Has the girl grown fond of darkness and her dragon-captor’s charm

Or does she dream of her Beloved with His outstretched, waiting arms


Will she recognise her Prince, the One who loved her from the start

Or will she send Him home, alone to mend His now twice-broken heart?